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Sunday, June 29, 2014

The sports nuts

We took breaks from the neighbors' nonsense by going out. We went to dinner and shopping and figured out why we couldn't take the dogs, or ourselves, onto the actual beach, ever. When we arrived, the weather was almost cool, but by the following weekend, it was hot. I mean, hot. Okay, not Philippines hot, but burning sand hot. Too hot for the dogs unless we wanted to go out really early or really late, which is when the flies and gnats are all over the place. If I was going to just be outside long enough to walk the dogs, I had to cover myself with Off! and sunscreen.

However, meteorological conditions did not dissuade our next batch of neighbors, who arrived in several SUVs, with canoes on top and trailers full of gear behind, such as several dozen fishing poles. Their vehicles looked like this.

I can hear you asking "Why put a forest of fishing rods on the FRONT of your car?" As a matter of fact, you can put them on the rear. We saw that a lot, too. So I guess it's some sort of macho bullshit. Imagine the driver, realizing s/he is about to rear-end someone, thus destroying the whole lot of them. Karma.
And of course there were many people including children and a dog. Some of them used their cell phones outdoors constantly, as if they really wanted to be somewhere else. I certainly wanted them to be somewhere else. Some mornings they would load up and drive away, others they would hang around and/or use the walkover, dragging kids and crap.
Between them and the Bickersons on the other side, walking the dogs became really problematic. We would have to try to sneak out when we saw an opportunity, ready to reverse direction the minute they showed up. Stella and Ollie just got distracted, but Theo went nuts. It figures, the one time we try to take a new dog on vacation, he turns out to have mental health issues.
So we renewed our discussions about possibly leavimg earlier than at the end of our two weeks. You can probably see where this is going.

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