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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The good stuff

Maybe you wonder why not just leave, it's not all that entertaining. But there were reasons to stay as well.

First of all, when there were no people, especially kids, screeching, it was very peaceful there. It smelled nice. I enjoyed sitting out on the screened porch and reading once the sun was off it.

Second, there was no phone and no mail, forcing us to contact people and do stuff. I only use my computer for social communication, not for any sort of work or official business. Joyce doesn't use it at all. So the utter isolation forced us to rest. It also gave Theo a chance to bond with the rest of us without interruptions like the phone, the doorbell, motorcycles, lawnmowers, and people coming and going to maintain or fix things. Except that one time with the toilet pump, but never mind. It only took a couple minutes.

It was quiet at might, good for sleeping, and the sky was full of stars. In fact, near the end, we got a full moon that was very beautiful:

Looks better larger, so click.

Them there was eating out, and visiting little beachy shops for souvenirs. This was my favorite and I wish they shipped stuff, but they can't ship some of the chocolate stuff, especially in summer:

If this doesn't turn into a link, just copy and paste. We went there three times. I think the best thing there is Dirty White Trash, but Joyce was partial to the various salt and sugar coated nuts.

And of course, there was inertia. The drive up wasn't fun, and having got there, we weren't in a rush to repeat it in reverse. So we decided to stay as long as it took to empty the margarita and pinacolada mixes we had brought. And weather permitting, we sat on top of the house and looked at the ocean. With an onshore breeze, you could even hear it some of the time.

I would say click to hear better, but we all know that's a hoax, just like the concept of an Outer Banks vacation when you've been somewhere else that's a lot better.

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