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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

All things, not necessaritly all good . . .

. . . will finally end sooner or later. We decided Tuesday we had had enough, and as we had finished our drink mixes, we would pack Wednesday and leave Thursday (two days early).

We went out to dinner to celerate this decision, and also, just to eat in another restaurant, and when we were done, we couldn't start the van. Luckily the nice people in the restaurant gave us a jump, so we could at least get back to the Sandpooper.

Once we shut it off, it wouldn't start. Tried again in the morning, and no dice. So we called AAA and settled in to wait. Watched more and more houses fill up around us, congratulated ourselves for our decision.  AAA finally showed up around 4 PM (and we didn't care, because we spent the day packing anyhow) and figured out it was a starter problem that could be overcome using a special ignition spell and incantation, which I duly learned.

They went away and we packed as much as we could in advance so the next morning would be easier. It was already easier leaving than arriving because many things could just be tumbled down the stairs or dropped over the bannister.

"Packing" here also includes cleaning the damned house, as in vacuuming, sweeping and in the morning starting the washer and dishwasher. Or you could pay them an arm and a leg to do it. Nah. We left a decent tip so they wouldn't report us for our spotty efforts.

We headed south accompanied by lots of rain and tornado warnings. Luckily we drove out of all that as we left South Carolina the next day. Two nights on the road brought us home and sent me to the computer to look at our usual location and yes! They have added a new property we can use, so goodbye forever to the Outer Banks.

Next up: France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany in the steps of the 101st Airborne next June, before we get too old to climb in and out of buses. This has been on Joyce's bucket list forever and we'll go with Valor Tours again. If they can manage the Philippines, Europe ought to be a real cakewalk, right? Right.

See you then.

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