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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Over the dunes. Almost.

One day after we went sightseeing, which means we drove as far as the Ocracoke Ferry and back, I decided to climb the dunes to see just how much trouble it was to get to the beach, or if it was even possible. Just for the fun of it, here is Stella at the rental where we usually go. Note the proximity of the house to the beach. Note the proximity of the house to the water. Please observe the height and depth of the dunes. Yeah. This is why we won't be returning to the Outer Banks, although I'm glad I got to see what everyone was raving about. Not WHY, just what.

My plan was to hike as far as I could see from the house. I assumed that would put me on top of a dune just above the beach. I had no plans to go further because I wasn't up for hiking back UP from the other side, at least, not yet. And I also took my cell phone with me, because you never know. A spiny cactus could be lying in wait.

I went up the walkover path to the steps to the little platform in the middle and down the other steps till they ran out between the dunes, then up the far slope, which was very steep. I mean, you were standing on the path, and where you were going was almost straight up, over your head. And all of the walkover was all splinters: foot planks, rails, seats; everything. You didn't want to grab those rails either, because they were loose, and steps were missing, etc.

Yeah, it's a little out of focus, but you get the general idea. And here is what I saw from the top of "our" dune:

That's right: two more dunes just as wide as and only slightly lower than the one over which we couldn't see. I could see quite a way, and there were four people, total, on the beach. All had tents, because once you get out there, you don't run back and forth over the dunes. Go ahead and piss in the ocean. No one's there to see. 

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