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Monday, June 2, 2014

Following the Prisoners of War

After the former Clark Air Base, we went to the two train stations that marked the beginning and end of the cattle car journey that many prisoners took. Uncle Karl was captured before the trains began running so he missed this miserable experience, at least.

Where they got on.


Where the tracks ran for about thirty miles.

Between stations we went to another museum that had a surprising collection of Filipina impressionism!

The train station where the prisoners disembarked to walk to Camp O'Donnell had an interesting collection of artifacts, but hadn't been visited for many months. They don't do much to promote awareness of these places, and some of them aren't kept up very well. In fact, I only just learned that historical societies barely managed to preserve these places at all. As recently as 2006 both of them were falling into decay and were being threatened with demolition.


On to the camps tomorrow.

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