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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We made it! The OTHER Grand Canyon!

Two or three naps into the day, we finally got our asses in gear. It was just so hard to gather the energy to move out of the cabin, and the big run out back spoiled us and the dogs rotten. Luckily everything we wanted to see was close, except elk. There are no elk within hours of there, which was not the impression I got from the Wilds of Pennsylvania site. There’s a lot they don’t tell you about most attractions, lodging, shopping and food. So we put the Grand Canyon into the Sam the GPS and off we went.

Immediately we turned off the main highway and found ourselves bumping along over dirt, gravel, crumbling blacktop – just about everything but cobblestones, not to mention one-lane bridges, the kind where you stop and blow the horn before proceeding A lot of this was accomplished in second gear. But the GPS said we were close, so we decided to keep going. Apparently Sam thought it would be more fun to send us over the top of a couple of mountains instead of the easy (but longer) way around the bottom. And she was right! This was indeed the scenic route, and because we were all alone, we could stop and take as many pictures as we wanted.

But we really had to laugh when we parked and found the lot full of cars that had obviously come up some other way. The colors in the Canyon (or Pine River Gorge) were pretty much gone by, but still pretty in spots.
We went to the gift shop through a cloud of flies, got coffee in a clud of flies, and tried to take pictures in a cloud of flies. The woman in the gift shop said it was their last hurrah. What? All year long they're plagued by flies? What died, and keeps on dying? Anyway, the last one, above, is a shot I can hardly believe I got. You know what my pictures are normally like! Yeah, that's a bird, probably a hawk. Click it and see!

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