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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Transition Days

Friday was our last day, and as always it was reserved for laundry and packing. And it rained, too, which made me glad we were leaving. We had both forgotten how much it rains in the Fall in the Northeast. And we finally felt some cold and saw some frost. Our next stop was about 200 miles south and east so we hoped to see still more foliage. Following our tradition, we got on each other’s nerves and alternated between napping and dragging stuff hither and yon to pack or pre-position. Joyce was in logistics, so she knows a lot about pre-positioning. She decides everything about how to pack the van, just as I decide everything about the routes we take. And I do most of the heavy lifting and more than half the driving, but she does all the cooking.

So we got everything we could out of the Tse-Tse Fly and into Van O’White so we’d have less to do in the morning. Knowing how hard it was to get going in that place, we even bought me a six-pack of Diet Mountain Dew earlier in the week and that seemed to help. I don’t drink coffee.

Here are a couple more interior shots of the Tse-Tse Fly. You can see what I mean about lack of comfortable seating. Love our 50’s dinette set! And see Joyce's cane? Well, that's gone back into her closet. She doesn't need it in warm, flat Florida. I must say it was odd to see her using it at all. She got it once for a sprained ankle and just kept it. Good thing, too.

I forgot to mention about the previous day that we ate in a Greek restaurant in Wellsboro. Actually it was more like a diner with a page full of Greek dishes, because the people across from us were eating fried chicken. I'm sure if we had asked them, they would have said, "Greek food? Us? We don't eat Greek food!" And in that case it was their loss, because we had the gyro platter and it was excellent, as was the baklava, of course. So here's a shout out to George's, and if yoou're ever up that way, try it.

We were up and on the road at practically the crack of dawn for us: 8 AM. We had breakfast and finished packing before we left. There's no point getting up to travel in the dark; neither of us can drive at night. Even though we knew the approximate distance, thanks to Samantha, she can't figure in all our stops, so we allowed sunup to sidown, almost, to get ourselves to Adamstown, antique capital of Lancaster County. Except that we had to make so many changes, it wasn't all that tedious and we saw some great colors, but couldn't stop to take pictures lest we lose the light. So here's a shot from the parking lot of the Adamstown supermarket where we went for supplies after checking in to the Horse Fly cottage. Ignore the car. That's where I had to stand to get all the trees.

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