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Saturday, November 23, 2013

A little sun for a change

First day since our arrival that we had real sunshine to light things up. It made everything look different.

In case I forgot to say so, it was rainy and or cloudy at least part of every other day we were there. After the usual struggle getting out of the house, wondering what the hell was wrong with us, we drove to Blackwell, very nearby, and some sort of touristy spot. The roads were a lot like the back ones we took to the “Grand Canyon,” but the trip was definitely shorter. We checked with Sam when we arrived and discovered there had NOT been a shorter or easier way this time.

Anyway, Blackwell is the town, by which I mean tiny hamlet, where the woman with the store, by which I mean the only store, didn't know what there was to do or see nearby. Given that, why do you suppose she went to all this trouble to grab our attention, seeing as how she wasn't expecting anyone? I mean, no one actually lives within sight of this store, so why even have one if there's no local attraction?
No tchotchke left behind. Click to see all the crap. We didn't buy anything.

So once we found the trailhead, we parked and used the restroom (the composting kind. Whee!) and prepared to walk the dogs. They immediately started crapping all over the place, which was fine; we were prepared for that. Not so much the overflowing trashcan. We did our best with it and started up the trail. And that's how we found out Stella doesn't like bicycles. And gee, I was so tired already!
So we took a few pictures and headed for Wellsboro again, because it was so sunny we thought we'd walk around the park, which we figured the dogs would also like. And because we took so many pictures, I'm going to do another blog entry just about that.

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