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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rain and more rain

Well, we thought we were going to take pictures and so on in Wellsboro, but by the time we got there the clouds had moved in, so Joyce went to the supermarket while I sat in the parking lot with the dogs. Then we went back to the Tse-Tse Fly, and it rained all night. The next day was also raining, so we hung around napping, doing laundry and getting on each other’s nerves. With the dog run out back, it wasn’t so bad.

One problem we had this time, we never had before. We have very much enjoyed being disconnected from the phone, internet and TV in the past. But this time, Joyce was being driven mad by the government shutdown, not certain she was going to get her military retirement check or her social security. We tried so hard to find some news. The local paper didn’t cover national topics at all, and the radio news only covered things like feed prices and church socials. We even asked people we encountered, anywhere, and they never knew anything about anything, exactly as “I Just Work Here” demonstrates. I was doing some editing on this trip, so when we went to Wellsboro, I would upload and download and look at the headlines, but we’re talking every other day and not a lot of time to sit there reading, because when I was in McDonald’s using their wifi, Joyce was in the van minding the dogs.

By sheer coincidence, Johnny showed up unannounced on our rainy day (which means we had no bras on. This is why you should call and give folks a heads-up. If we have no plans to go out, and don't expect anyone, we don’t dress for company.) But he did know what was going on in the world and was able to update us somewhat. Anyway, later Joyce said she didn’t want to be in that situation again, isolated from current events. We’re just news junkies, I guess, after all. Had I not been working, we wouldn’t even have had those glimpses of the internet. So here’s us at the Tse-Tse Fly, which has remarkably little comfortable seating.

Why is this photo on the left? Beats the crap out of me Anyway, here's Joyce with Stella (10), Ollie (8), and Nick (18) in the Tse-Tse-Fly's only comfortable easy chair. It rocked but didn't have a leg-rest, causing some crowding.

This is Nick in the back lounge, which was too cold for Joyce, but I could sit there to read. I would hide here when she made dinner because there's no room in the kitchen for anyone but Joyce, and the size of the kitchen doesn't have anything to do with it.

This, a gas fireplace, we believe is the Tse-Tse Fly's method of making us sleepy all the time. Well, this and the extremely tight-construction and insulation of the cabin. The gas stove alone can heat the entire house, Johnny told us, and we had to close the bedroom doors to keep it cool enough to sleep. We just weren't getting enough fresh air, or so we have come to believe, because every day, once we got out of the house, we were fine. We're not all that energetic to begin with, but we can get up and get out of the house in the normal scheme of things. So now you know how the house got its special nickname.

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