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Monday, October 17, 2011

Timeless Piazza Navonna

Which was once a hippodrome which is why it's shaped like a racetrack. We love the fountains and the art. It's probably junk like in St Tropez, but we always buy something; this time a do-it-yourself triptych of this trip's monuments.

We had a wonderful tuna salad (much larger and more complex than an American one) under the misting at a cafe, and watched the people, and just relaxed.

After hiking twice as far as necessary to get there, I wasn't inclined to move too much or too soon, but eventually we had to go around and see all the fountains and all the art. We have been here before and will undoubtedly come here again someday. It's one of those special places. Hint: if you've never been, go in late afternoon and stay through sunset so you can see the fountains lit up. The mimes generally come out in the evening as well.

And always try to find something weird. It's not hard.

Radisson BLU hotel shower mold.

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