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Monday, October 3, 2011

Monaco: arguably bigger than the Vatican

Whenever I think of Monaco, or see it on a map, I envision a tiny square with a jagged coast. Forget the square. It's just a jagged coast. Prince Albert is straining to enlarge it by building it out into the ocean, so it will no longer have to "prove" it's larger than the Vatican. Well, good for him! Everyone should have a hobby.

Here is a picture, maybe:

So far, so good. It's showing up. This is a pissed-off Joyce who didn't want to sit in the front of the helicopter. But she was taking the pictures, so why, I don't know. My fat ass has to sit in the back, and I don't care either way. There were only four of us on this flight, and one was the cruise director, because unless you have four, no tour. So she allegedly went along to inspect it. Yeah, whatever, Trisha.

We were surprised no one else did want to take the tour. It was a really decent flight, you got to see everything, it really is beautiful, and he kept us up there a little longer than we paid for.

Here are just a few of a hell of a lot of good pics Joyce got. She also took a video of her shoe. We'll spare you that.

Look at the little tiny sailing class!

See the mansions of the rich and obscure!

Lookit! Lookit! See our ship!

Yacht slum! Yacht slum!


Okay, so after that, we took a taxi to the "basillica" which is not a great deal larger than my childhood church in Rego Park. And it was too small to contain the royal wedding held two days previously, so they got married out front, and went in and said a prayer here. But it's a basillica because it has a bishop. The bishop of ALL of Monaco. And his flock of three old ladies that show up every blessed day, but never mind. They also use it as a mausoleum. Here's Grace Kelly. You have to click on it to see her name and other details. The flowers are from her new daughter in law, Charlene, who allegedly has runaway bride syndrome. Have you seen Prince Albert? Yeah, well, there you go.

And an art gallery.

Gives the old ladies something to dust, I guess.

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