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Monday, October 10, 2011

Okay, one day down.

So after limping to and from dinner (and the dinner was very good. They always were) we came back to our room, and opened the refrigerator because it was hotter inside than out. We didn't want stuff rotting in there.

In the course of getting ready for bed, we tried a lot of things, like the lights and the "dresser" I showed a couple of posts back. There was also a mechanical shade that was controlled by the lighting box, except it wasn't. You could push "up" or "down" and it would just do whatever it wanted until you managed to push both at exactly the same time.

The beds had backboards up against which you could allegedly sit to read or watch TV, but they were very loose. Likewise each bed had an LED reading light on a gooseneck that simply swung round and round and always ended up someplace where it was of no use at all. As for the TV, we never even bothered. One lamp was made of material and blew up when turned on. I mean, it expanded. It gave off virtually no usable light. It collapsed when turned off. We unplugged it and dried laundry on it.

It was very hard to get the bathroom lights to come on and stay on, because if you used any other lights in the room, they'd go off. The WC light (toilet and bidet room) only worked if you shut off the air conditioning. Luckily, it had a glass door, so you really didn't need a light inside it. And of course, it's also a good thing if you're an exhibitionist about your personal habits. Or if your spouse/ partner/ roommate will agree not to watch you in there, or at least take off her glasses.

Radisson BLU tub surround. That's plastic wood veneer, plastic "ceramic" and mold.