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Sunday, October 2, 2011

St Tropez, Part Deux

So, I had to split this post because this damned program won't let me put any more pictures in the previous one. I have no idea why.

We were on this happy little bus trip to see the sights when of course, the camera, or actually, the memory card, croaked. I lost maybe two dozen pictures from here, and a few more the next day in Monaco although I had a new card by then. Never did figure it out but got rid of the offending card. Luckily, we got a lot of postcards while in Provence so I have those and a couple more of my own to share, along with the few I posted last time.

You can see Joyce got her hands on the camera again. But wait! There's more!

Darned good thing we picked these up because right after that, unbeknownst to me until the next stop, the memory card had its brain fart. Coincidentally, however, I got the cards of the things we actually saw. And Joyce, of course, saw this.

So the next thing was, because I was trying, on the ride back, to get the card straightened out, by which I mean, culling stupid stuff to make room for important stuff, I paid no attention to the roads or the driving. Normally I am very sensitive to this, but I was so focused, all I really knew was we went fast and there was a lot of traffic. So imagine my surprise when, upon disembarking from the bus, several lesbians vomited all over the sidewalk. Luckily we have no photos of that, either.

In fact, we had quite an appetite, so we went here, which is actually a picture of the yacht slum

taken from inside the restaurant,


and at my urging, Joyce used her French and got us lunch, and I got to take a break from linguistics duties for a while. And I don't remember exactly what I ate, maybe a salad and a pizza, but it was awfully good.

Then we went for a walk along the waterfront/yacht slum, even though it was hot and crowded, because we knew this was a place we could get some local art, even though we were warned not to. Here ia "our" artist with some of his art:

and here's someone else's art:

The cruise director said what they sell off the backs of the boats in the yacht slum is junk, but we like it because it's fun.

We also saw:

and we had the very best amirena (cherry) gelato ever, and went back to the ship and took a nap. That was a pretty good day despite the heat.

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