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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Return: The Short Version

I thought we took off around 2 PM, and didn't think to check until about 6 AM. Our flight was 9:30!!!!

We had packed the night before, so we showered (Joyce thought that was a bad idea, but I've been saying all along how hot it was) ran downstairs and got a cab. Got to the airport, he dropped us in the wrong place. Couldn't find a cart, carried luggage top speed. Of course, check-in was at the far end of another terminal. But we made it in plenty of time, and you can guess the rest. Exactly. We took off late.

We were harassed by a US Customs Control Officer in Miami for being gay. If you live at the same address, you process as a family. She split us up. We made a complaint there, and have made one in writing since and just yesterday, because responses have been pitiful, I sent a package to the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano. If I don't get resolution, the media will be next. I don't get why people mess with us. We don't look weak. We are very smart, and we are very stubborn. I never hesitate to carry something all the way to a cabinet department, and so far, at that level, I get what I ask for. Don't mess with me, world.

Then we got on the shuttle bus to our hotel, and I can't say any more because we are still negotiating a settlement. And writing about it makes me sick and angry, so I'll end here for now, and when I get resolution of these issues, I'll come back and tell you all about them.

Happy traveling!

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