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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Minorca, or whatever you want to call it

It's the smaller sibling of Majorca, anyway, and has several names. I'm using the one I consider most authentic. It's a very cute little place most of us wouldn't visit except on a cruise. The British do, of course, because it's a Mediterranean island close to home, and it's very laid-back. You have your beaches, your Roman ruins, your unique geology, your pretty little towns, restaurants and shopping. And let's not forget perfect weather. If I were from Europe, and I wanted to plop down someplace warm for a week, Minorca is as good a place as any. It may or may not have night-life, but for me that makes no difference at all.

We had no excursion scheduled, so we slept late, got off the ship and wandered around, which for us meant up and down the main street along the water, because this

was the alternative. Yeah, right? Are you shittin' me? Very picturesque. I'll stay down here, thanks. Presumably the shopping was better up there, but you know me; I don't shop. They had sandals and bottle openers and postcards at sea level. Also local draft beer.

Sandals, see?

And inexplicable signs. This one was on a closed garage door. It was Sunday, so maybe no ice cream in front of their business on Sunday?

Or how about a cheese?


More cutesy pictures from ground level:

The last one is Joyce again. All foolish pictures are to her credit.

And now some from the ship:

I'd like to show you all of them, but you know what? Go see for yourself. I didn't know anything about Minorca before I got there. Now I think a cruise around the Balearic islands would be a great vacation. I don't know why "they" don't tell Americans about this stuff, but maybe they're trying to preserve the peace and quiet. But now you know, so go check it out.

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