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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Helia good time!

Okay, this was probably our favorite hotel. No wait, it was the best, and also the least expensive. There are many spa hotels in Budapest because of all the hot springs all around the place. And this particular one, although it didn't look like much (Communist Bloc architecture) had everything we needed or wanted except that darned 110 volt outlet, but a transformer and an adaptor solved that.

It wasn't downtown, but, like I said, we wanted a pool that worked. That's an important part of our vacations. When we arrived at maybe 9:30 AM, way early, we were just so relieved that we could go to our room, that we didn't even care that the POOL WAS CLOSED. But just for that day, which was Sunday. We were able to use it every other day. And I should stop saying "it," because there are FOUR of them. Yup, count 'em, four pools of varying shapes, sizes and temperatures.

One of the two warmest bubbled for fifteen minutes, then was off, then was on again. Some of the reviews said this was a "hotel for old people" as if that was a bad thing. The pool rules were so restrictive that most children couldn't enjoy it. When some young men tried to jump into one of the pools, the attendants stopped them. You have to act like an adult here. An adult with no cell phone, because that was also verboten. Boo hoo.

You can check it all out here. We'd go back in a minute if we could:

So our visit to Hungary basically began with a five-hour nap to make up for the miserable lost night's sleep. And then we had tickets for a Danube River cruise that evening, so we grabbed a snack in the hotel's cafe and went to bed. The room was really nice. Joyce said to go ahead and spring for a river view because it was so cheap to begin with. Here's the room after we crapped it up:

And here's just the view itself at sunset. We're looking from the Pest ("kiln") side over to the Buda ("hills") side.

Lots more on Budapest soon!

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