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Friday, September 2, 2011

All at sea

This was our first, and only, such scheduled day, although we sort of got one more later. In my opinion, the best cruises have two for every seven days. There's nothing I would like better than a nice, long, repositioning cruise with no stops at all. The only thing that might bother me there would be running out of fresh fruits and vegetables. Maybe other ships could re-provision us along the way?

And unike the big party cruises, our day at sea was relatively quiet. People slept late and laid around on the decks (the lounges, not the bare wood), and swam and ate. Lots of napping going on, too. Joyce and I did all of those things, but I think napping took the prize. I like to read and I was doing it but I just fell asleep.

And we took some more ship pictures. Actually, this one is from before we sailed, so we're at the dock in Barcelona.

Everything is a potential picture to Joyce. Here we are, still in port, when she wasn't taking pictures of cranes and trucks. Black really is slimming, isn't it?

And of course. Joyce is all about remembering how hard everyone works so we can have a nice vacation, like this guy.

And here's some ship art, that represents the work of at least three people. Be thankful she didn't photograph all the art. the Windsurf is full of it.

This is the lounge. See the happy crew? Crews love lesbian cruises. They get guaranteed big tips (we pay those ahead, too) we bring no children, and we aren't violent drunks. It's almost like a vacation for them, too. So if you are a childfree (at least for a week) female and a non-violent drunk, call Olivia for a good time!

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