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Thursday, June 10, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

We made it back, and, as I told a friend, it was a lot more adventurous than I had anticipated. You can never really know all the questions you should have asked until it's too late.

I expect to replace this entry with others in some sort of logical order, but at the moment I'm feeling challenged and may not get to it as quickly as I'd really like to. But I took copious notes and eventually I'll air all the details here, maybe with a few name changes to keep from getting sued.

As many of you know, we avoid children assiduously. We can't imagine why anyone would drag an 18-month old baby to Peru, for example, if you are not FROM Peru. And for the most part, our trip (again, NOT a vacation) was mostly child-free. But we DID finally get to experience Euro-trash up way too close, and it was almost as disturbing as the (very) few badly-behaved children and their far-more-culpable parents we ran across. Nothing like last year's trek to Mount Rushmore. However, Euro-trash are technically adults, and you can tell them to piss off if you have no other recourse. It was just a little strange to discover that other continents and countries also have hordes of rude people cluttering up the planet. I think they ship them away on purpose to get a break.

So we were gone approximately 20 days and it honestly feels more like we were gone for three months. It was a very other-worldly experience that took us way out of our comfort zone on occasion. On the other hand, South America is also a pleasant combination of Europe and North America and we both learned a great deal, most of it in Spanish. Anyway, we're glad to be home, safe and sound with Nick, Stella and Ollie. Many thanks to Dora and Laura for looking after them and making our trip stress-free. We knew they'd be fine, and they were.

I'll try to post a blog a day after this, but don't be surprised if it takes a little longer, especially putting up pictures.

Hasta luego!

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