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Friday, June 11, 2010

Tampa to Miami

Yeah, not much of a leg, but we designed it that way on purpose. Our flight the next day was 8-something AM. No way would we get up and drive that in the dark. I mean, we can't; we don't see all that well to drive in the dark. So Hertz picked us up. Did you know that's not limited to Enterprise? Yeah, and they have a satellite office near our house with much better prices than at the airport, so we picked up our cherry red Chevy Aveo hatchback, a car we'd never buy in ten million years, and drove straight to McDonald's for breakfast. I need incentives like that to get up at 6:30 AM.

Then off down I-75 and through Alligator Alley to Miami International Airport, to which I had terrible directions from Google Maps. Took us through some of the worst traffic and slums of Miami. Thanks a lot for the tour!

Even so, we were way early arriving, dropping off the car, and grabbing the shuttle to the Miami Airport Hilton. Again, I had a plan. I knew we'd be early enough for a nice swim, and wanted to be outdoors since we'd be cooped up all the next day. We had a great view from our room, too.

Overpriced but tasty meal and off to bed.

Now, about those pictures. We had been using our Kodak digital whatever when it got slightly moist in the Galapagos. Kinda ruined the viewer but it was still taking pictures so we limped along. Even successfully downloaded a batch to a flash-drive via our guide's laptop on the boat. But, by the time we got home, it refused to transfer data via the cable to the computer. So the memory card is at our local computer shop, where they'll transfer the whole thing for us onto a flash-drive, and we'll be back in business next week sometime. And now I have an excuse for buying an underwater camera.

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