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Monday, May 17, 2010

What not to wear

Oh, yeah, we're big fashion mavens. Joyce calls me a clothes-pig and I worry that horizontally striped underwear will make me look fat. If you haven't seen my bathing-beauty photo, go look in the Great (Plains) Escape and you'll see why this is funny. Or frightening. Whichever.

But we definitely don't want to look like dumb American tourists with stuff worth stealing, so we're making a couple of changes. No belly-bags (fanny-packs) this time. We're both using underarm bags. No wild tee-shirts, either; at least on land, we'll wear collared sports shirts. And if need be we won't wear shorts, certainly not downtown or at night. Don't expect dresses or stupid shoes, though. We're not going to endanger ourselves or be uncomfortable or inconvenienced.

Everything has to fit in two bags each. For three weeks in different climates, we just can't do it in one bag. So as usual, everything urgent goes in the carry-on, and stuff we can replace if we must will be checked. Luckily we will stop in Quito several days before moving on, so our bags can catch up if we're separated, God forbid.

We're just about ready to go, and we're pretty excited. See you when we get back!

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