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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still More Dells

First we went to this odd location, which . . . well, I don’t know what we thought it was, but it was decidedly odd. We laughed a lot. Sort of a political funhouse? I don’t know. Check out their site.

After that, it still wasn’t pouring down rain, so we went here:

Honestly, Jim says this is better for the deer. There is no safe place for deer in Wisconsin. Either they are hit by cars or hunted. It’s the only chance a deer has for anything like a natural life in Wisconsin, and we’re all for that. They are well-fed, it’s a beautiful park, and of course, they get medical care! And the deer are very dear. We met several who are just like our dogs: they head-butt for treats. They are small and tame, the ones wandering loose. The big ones are kept beyond fences in their own preserves, and the fawns run away. So we are guessing the deer who mingle are 1-3 years old or so. And they have deer from all over the world, along with other . . .ungulates, I guess. It was very peaceful, except who knew that deer thrive on rock music? We didn’t take our own pictures due to threat of rain, and also, our hands were full of deer food. Quite tasty; I tried it. A lot like baby biscuits, only better tasting.

Our final stop was a custard stand called Culver’s, famous in the Midwest. Gee, I wish they had it everywhere! Frozen custard is better than ice cream, seriously. Maybe it’s just as well they don’t have it here, because we went twice in two days.

One more thing: that night we went to a great Italian restaurant called Sarento's, which reminds me of this odd thing at the Dells where they try to recreate various cultures from all over the world in hotels and theme parks. Our movie theatre was in Morocco. There were hotels claiming to be in Greece, Rome, Venice, Las Vegas, Florida, Japan, Ireland and on and on. It was like an even tackier EPCOT, but more endearing.

They also try to recreate different time periods, like WW II and the 1950s. And then they are all jammed side by side with attractions that seem to have little to do with anything, let alone each other. The Travel Channel calls the Dells a best-kept vacation secret. If you live up that way, or mean to travel there, it's definitely worth a stop. Despite the rain, we saw and did a whole lot of stuff we are unlikely to have done anywhere else.

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