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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jim visits us at the Dells

Sunday our friend Jim drove over from Milwaukee. We hadn’t actually seen him in about ten years although we e-mail several times a week. He’s a musician and writer, and he had to come during the week because gigs fill up his weekends. He arrived early in the afternoon, and because it wasn’t pouring down buckets of cold rain right then, we decided to go out and do something.

Off to the Wisconsin Ducks. We have seen or heard of these in Boston, San Diego and eventually, Chattanooga, too, but this was our first ride. Not Jim’s; he went as a kid. We just wanted to see the pretty stone formations on the Dells, which are actually lakes. Even in less-than-ideal weather, it was nice. We enjoyed it.

That evening Jim and I went to see the new Star Trek movie. Other than the fact that they stood canon in its head, it was pretty entertaining, and I’m glad someone has taken over the franchise in the spirit of Gene Roddenberry. I’m looking forward to more from them.

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