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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First two days: Antiques road show

Monday was day one!

So, it's day three now, and for all I know, this will be posted in upside down, reverse order. So sometimes you may have to scroll down and work back up.

Just so you know, we aren't in any big rush. We left Brandon at 9:40 AM and seven minutes later, stopped in Seffner at McDonald's for breakfast. And two more minutes after we left there, we stopped in Mango for gas. That held us until a little after eleven, when we stopped on I-75 North at a whole different rest area than ever before!

Overwhelmed with the novelty of it all, we got back in the car and didn't stop again until the tiny Panhandle town of Lee, with a Burger King, and all the ambience of an industrial wasteland. There, we had a small meltdown over Lizzie's superb driving ability which is somewhat underappreciated by Big Joycie. Big Joycie sees it differently, but she isn't typing this blog.

We drove the last 40 or so miles to North Tallahasee without further incident, and checked into a LaQuinta around three PM, logging 275 or so miles! The AAA recommended a small park nearby, so we took the dogs and were soon at the Lake Jackson Archaeological Park. It is a real little gem of a place, and we had it all to ourselves.

Here's the site:

Here's what it looked like when we visited:

Speaking of sights and sites, we took pictures but I'm not posting them until we stop someplace longer than overnight. This may happen around Memphis.

So after dinner, we basically collapsed. We all slept a good eight hours, which was great since we only slept about three hours the night before. The dogs are just being excellent little travellers, and people always stop and pet them or take their picures.

Speaking of the dogs, you know how kids are: stuff always happens, and usually at the last minute. Last Thursday, we took Stella and Ollie to the groomer. They did a great job on Ollie, but scalped Stella. We'll post a photo before she grows in too much. She looks pretty much much the same as two years ago when she almost died. But no grooming required!

Friday, Nick jumped off a bed and apparently tweaked a knee ligament. Three days of immobility and a lot of drugs later, he's back to his usual athletic pursuits.

Okay, I'm only two days behind now. Tonight we're in Pearl, Mississippi; tomorrow we're off to Memphis for a couple of days. More as soon as I can generate some enthusuaism for computing on vacation. Blech!

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