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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Badlands: Not all that bad

Sorry for the lengthy absence. We had computer/internet issues in Custer, and couldn't even be sure what was wrong until we left. But I kept writing and uploading pictures, and now, at least, here are some blogs; pictures to follow.

So today was our reason for the extra night in Wall: the Badlands Loop. You drive 20 miles back east on the Interstate, drive west on the loop for 32 miles, and end up right back in Wall. Guess how long that takes. Give up? Six hours. Could take even longer if you hiked some trails, which we didn't because dogs aren't allowed. You really don't want to get off the boardwalks on a hot day anyhow; you would die out there. So it's bad because there's almost no good weather in this area. It's either hot and dry or wet and nasty. Hot and dry is better for seeing it, so we were lucky that way. The Badlands were originally named by the French explorers who tried to pass through. They were "bad lands to travel through." Silly explorers, they should have used the Badlands Loop! All you need is a good road and an air conditioned car, and the lands are not so bad at all.

I'm putting up a link:

as well as a few photos because there is just so much to look at. The Prairie Home is interesting, and they have Prairie Dogs.

There is wildlife in there, but we only saw deer quite close up.

The best thing is the fascinating geology of the place. Lots of pretty rocks and vistas. Very colorful and crazy- looking, like the moon, or Antarctica.

We stopped everywhere, and walked all the little boardwalks, taking turns holding the dogs. It was a little overcast sometimes, but mostly sunny and clear. If you get up this way, make time for the Badlands Loop in the lands that are not so bad after all.


  1. I loved loved loved the Badlands. Even the hot parts and I hate the heat. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, maybe not in the dead of July. :)

    Here is my dinky video from South Dakota: DAMN cut and paste won't work for some reason. Let me try in the next comment.


    There it is. :)