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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Road Rash

We booked in advance for two nights in Troutville because we knew the previous day would be exhausting, and it was, and Sunday, we didn’t go anywhere but the pool. We watched football all day except for walks with the dogs (enough leaves were now gone that we could see the elusive waterfall, but not photograph it) and we ordered pizza in so as not to miss any games. The next day, Monday, we drove to Columbia, South Carolina, for one night. That darned rash was bothering me something fierce. The Red Roof Inn was on a par with the other bad ones: no ice buckets, malfunctioning machines, dicey-looking clientele. But as always, the staff was very nice.

The morning we were to leave Columbia I showed Joyce my rash. Lucky for you, no pictures! She went ballistic. I told her I could stand it if I could stay on Benadryl all day, but she would have to drive. She agreed, and we drove to the Red Roof in Brunswick, Georgia, which turned out to be such a short trip that we were able to get directions and go immediately to a walk-in clinic nearby only to discover I had a bad staph infection, possibly even MRSA, but the doctor didn't want to fool with a culture because, as he said, he'd treat it the same either way. Off to a local pharmacy for heavy antibiotics, back to the hotel and collapse. Joyce took care of EVERY damned thing except Nick's meds. This Red Roof was among the best, very pretty grounds, excellent location, huge comfy rooms. Obviously it had belonged to another chain before. And best of all, the previous guest left behind four ice-cold Yuenglings in my fridge. They went well with the antibiotics and a pizza.

Next day Joyce drove us all the way home. After another round of antibiotics two weeks later, I was finally rid of the damned thing, and this was good because just a few days ago, we had a real bad scare thinking Joyce had broken her hip. Just a real bad back sprain, though, and she will recover in time. For now, I am doing EVERY damned thing to pay her back for a month spent in bed (yup, all of November).

I'm going to the Philippines in April, so when I get back from that, I'll be back here with new blogs.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holy-Days! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy New Year!

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