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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Get your milk glass hens on nest while supplies last!

This was our last “real” day in the area, because we would need Friday to prepare to leave. This of course was made more difficult by the fact that we couldn’t pack any of Van O’White in advance because of the bad neighborhood. We could only put in a few things we could stand to lose, like the nylon cage and the bag of shit bags. But never mind that, Thursday was reserved entirely for antiquing. We drove to the far end this time and worked our way back. We probably went in and out of half a dozen places. I found some old Hardy Boys books (happy memories from childhood) but nothing different in vintage glass until this:

I had never seen or even heard of, black milk glass at all, let alone in one of my favorite themes. Joyce found it incredibly ugly, and wanted me to get anything but that. I had to have it! It was so shiny! And not at all as expensive as in the link. I just reminded her we have a whole year of gift-giving occasions ahead of us, never mind Christmas, and these things won't depreciate waiting in the closet. I mean, think about this: every item you buy in an antique store has lived somewhere else, possibly many other places. People sell their stuff, or die and their kids get rid of it. On and on it goes, from one home to another. If you watch American Pickers (which I can only stand for about ten minutes at a time) or any of the hoarding shows (which is why I wash everything in antibacterial soap) you know it's true. It's not like a head of lettuce; it won't go bad. Who knows where that chicken started out, or where it will end up? So for now she will live with us.

We found some other pieces for Joyce's desk and a couple of things for me and then we went back to that Park City diner for lunch again. They have the best cornbread. And everything else. Our final stop was an antique mall right across from our turn off the highway near the Horsefly. It was only open Thusday through Sunday anyway, so we couldn't have gone earlier. It was massive. I was overwhelmed. I went through maybe a dozen booths before I turned to Joyce and said, "I think I've had enough." She went back for a Carnival folded basket dish, and that was it. I felt woozy and light-headed and asked her to drive us "home."

Of course we were both very, very tired after a month on the road, and I had a peculiar rash on my arm that just wouldn't quit no matter what I put on it, and we travel with a pretty good-sized pharmacy bag for us and the kids. I was wearing long-sleeved shirts to hide it and Joyce didn't think to ask. She hadn't seen it in maybe a week. It would start to get better, then break out again. Since I have very sensitive skin, I am used to these things, and I really found it more annoying than anything else.

So we had dinner and watched some TV and went to bed. In fact, Nick and I went to bed several times! And was it ever getting cold! We had frost the last three days there, although it quickly burned off. I wanted to get out of there before mosture started freezing on the roads. Anyway, we were all ready to go home.

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