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Saturday, July 23, 2011

My spouse and I went to Europe and all I got was this headache.

I need that made up into a t-shirt. Anyway, yes, we're back, and I'm almost ready to start this blog. It looks like I actually am starting already, doesn't it? I'm really not. This is just my list of excuses for not starting it.

I have several hotel complaints to make. Some are for mere inconvenience, others are for injuries, so I can't mention any names yet. We were also harassed by a Passport Control Agent in Miami, for being gay. Then of course, the injuries persist. I'm not going to die of them, but they make it hard to do stuff, and to concentrate on stuff.

Finally, I have a bunch of things to review on line. They won't reach the level of an official complaint but it's necessary to get the information out there for the sake of other travelers. At least I got that part started, but for legal reasons, some will have to wait. because if some organizations come through, I want to give them credit.

So to give you an idea of how things went in Poland (Not too bad at all! But it seems like years ago) here is our first picture from our trip:

It's pronounced "Ziv-ee-itch." You say it real fast.

Na zdrowie! ("Nas-drove-ya")

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  1. "Nas drovia" also works in other Eastern European countries. I know it from the Russian version.